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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Paying back some beers to the developer community

I remember many days (and nights too) when I was desperate trying to find some source code, conceptual or procedural documentation related to a specific technology and I just could not find the exact line of code that I was looking for. I remember also how grateful I felt when I found an article in a developer community Web site and I just can’t describe how thankful I was to the different authors that invested their time thinking in someone else and writing down their experiences and knowledge. By now, I owe two many beers to people that write in MSDN, Code Project, and C# Corner; however, more than buying a beer to every author who has helped me through my technical struggles, I knew that there was a better way to pay back the help and advice to the developer community: making yourself a contributor.

I started writing technical articles and published them in my Web Site, and today, my articles were just published in C# Corner. I am very excited about that for the following reasons:

  • C# Corner is a recognized developer community where many developers search for specific code samples and articles.
  • C# Corner has more hits than my Web site, so developers can find my articles quickly.
  • One of my UW teachers told me that it was nice that I had a Web site and blog; however, having your work published by a recognized community gives you more credibility.
  • Most important of all, I am now a contributor who is willing to pay back all the help and advice that some people decided to share with the developer community.

At this moment, C# Corner published the following articles:

And this is only the beginning, the more I realize I can help others, the more I want to do. So I look forward to continue writing and creating things that will improve how other people experience Microsoft technology.


  • At 3:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What about OOPS Concepts and .NET Part3? Eagerly waiting. Hope you will find time to finish/publish the same.


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